Chrome is coming to augmented reality and Google Daydream

At Google I/O today the company chatted a bit about what’s next for Daydream as it preps the next update, codenamed “2.0 Euphrates.”

The big highlight is that Google will be building a version of Chrome especially for use inside virtual reality. The browser will be coming later this year. Oculus launched a browser for the Gear VR in its most recent big software update, though Daydream’s option seems to take advantage of some of the strengths of Chrome, like bookmarks and history.

The company has already brought WebVR to mobile and desktop Chrome. They showed off WebVR Experiments last month to bring bite-size experiences to VR on Daydream and Cardboard.

Google gave some light details on bringing Chrome to augmented reality situations, as well, so that users can bring their outside world into the browser. This will allow people shopping for a coffee table on Amazon’s mobile app to scan their room and see what the right size would be. The update will be launching today on an experimental build of Chromium.