Google has 2 billion users on Android, 500M on Google Photos

Onstage at Google I/O in Mountain View, CEO Sundar Pichai announced that earlier this week the company surpassed 2 billion monthly active users on the Android platform, continuing its reign as the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

The company has added nearly 400 million users to its mobile operating system since September of 2015 when it last gave an update. By comparison, Apple announced in January of last year that there are 1 billion devices running iOS.

Pichai also detailed that the company has quickly grown its Google Photos platform. Google has been tweaking the service constantly, and is continuing to see some major traffic on the platform. The product now has over 500 million monthly active users that upload 1.2 billion photos onto the service every day.

A lot of numbers are being voiced in the billions today, Google currently has seven unique products with over one billion monthly active users each.