John Oliver reminds us that Net Neutrality is still under siege

John Oliver has again fired off his quick wit at the new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and the Trump administration for trying to roll back Obama-era Net Neutrality rules.

This isn’t the first time Oliver has addressed the issue of an “open internet,” as he touched on the topic back in 2014 during his fifth episode of Last Week Tonight. In that episode, he identified then-FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler as a dingo. Ring any bells?

This time, Oliver is going after the new Chairman and ISPs to bring to light the effort to roll back net neutrality rules.

For those of us who need a brush up on the matter, it’s rather simple:

ISPs like AT&T, Comcast, Verizon etc. are currently forbidden from favoring one website over another by giving them a “fast lane.” Companies don’t like that. You can obviously imagine a world where Netflix pays a fee to ISPs to be served to its consumers faster than Hulu, limiting consumer choice and killing industry competition across the internet.

It’s this “fast lane” that Oliver seeks to stop.

But we all know Oliver can deliver his own speech far better than I, so without further ado, check out this kick-ass diatribe from the man himself:


The website to which Oliver pushes viewers ( seems to be giving the FCC some trouble as the comments form is not loading for certain people. We reached out to the FCC to see if the service issue on its website is related to Oliver’s call to action (of course it is) and if it has been resolved so that people can continue complaining.

We haven’t heard back.

Disclosure: Verizon owns Aol (or Oath?), and Aol owns TechCrunch.