Mark Thompson, CEO and president of The New York Times Company, to talk shop at Disrupt

The president is at war with the media, and given that President Trump is prone to speak incoherently and untruthfully, it would seem that the media is firing back. And then there’s the layer of social media, which both gives individuals their own direct line to the audience while blurring the line that connects publishers with their readers.

So it is with great pleasure that we announce that Mark Thompson, CEO and president of The New York Times Company, is heading over to Disrupt NY to discuss all of the above, and more.

Thompson has been CEO and president of the NYT since late 2012, where he leads the company’s strategy, operation and business units.

Though 2012 might not seem like that long ago, the last five years have been massively transformative for the media industry. From a business perspective, Thompson led the NYT to become the first news organization in the world to pass one million digital-only subscribers. But that just scrapes the surface.

The NYT has launched a content studio, invested in virtual reality and has pushed for international growth under Thompson’s tenure.

And this isn’t his first rodeo.

Before joining the Times Company, Thompson was Director-General of the BBC, where he launched the BBC iPlayer and helped evolve the BBC into what it is today.

Thompson also recently published a book — Enough Said: What’s Gone Wrong with the Language of Politics? — that is based on lectures he gave as a visiting professor of Rhetoric and the Art of Public Persuasion at the University of Oxford back in 2012.

We’re thrilled to have Thompson on our stage to discuss the evolution of the media industry, the role social media plays in it and how media organizations can hold on to their credibility while under fire from the Oval Office.

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