Twitter will offer 24/7 streaming video news in partnership with Bloomberg

Twitter’s always-on video programming plans didn’t take long to come to light: The company’s COO and CFO Anthony Noto discussed the idea just last week, and then late Sunday The Wall Street Journal revealed that it would make good on this first with new media company Bloomberg, which will offer 24/7 video news broadcasts on Twitter starting this fall.

The new stream won’t just be a stream of Twitter’s existing TV content, either; it’ll feature new, original reporting from Bloomberg’s various global news offices, and content created and posted by Twitter users themselves, as curated and also verified by Bloomberg before being reposted to the channel.

Bloomberg has already broadcast some live programming to Twitter as part of a deal signed between the two in 2016 that introduced three shows to the social network, as well as the company’s market trading coverage. During the run-up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Twitter also offered live debate coverage via Bloomberg. The new arrangement is obviously expanded, but it sounds in many other regards to be a continuation of those efforts. Bloomberg’s content will be ad-supported, and the news network will have total control over its content, the WSJ says.

Noto told the newspaper that he believes Twitter is a great platform for live video programming as a way to reach audiences that aren’t paying for standard TV, and that he believes Bloomberg is a perfect starting partner for leveraging that opportunity, which really makes it sound like there will be more to come.