WeWork’s office takeover continues with the launch of the Services Store

WeWork, the co-working giant with more than 100,000 members, is today launching the WeWork Services store.

In short, the NY-based behemoth wants to take over the world by way of the office, and is now focusing in on office tools instead of just the space.

Much like your old-fashioned app store, WeWork Services Store gives members easy access to a broad suite of enterprise services, oftentimes with exclusive deals.

WeWork has long served its members with deals on enterprise software as the company leverages its massive base of members to get discounts and exclusive offers from folks like Amazon AWS and more.

With the launch of the Services Store, WeWork can now serve those deals and other enterprise software as a part of the WeWork membership.

Here’s how it works:

A member logs in to the WeWork website and clicks into the Services Store. Enterprise services like Slack, Hive, InVision, Box and more are organized by use-case and feature their own reviews from existing WeWork members.

For WeWork’s streamlined partners, users can simply purchase software from the WeWork site like any other e-commerce transaction, and the software automatically gets information about the number of seats, name, and billing. For the CEO, that transaction is reflected as part of the WeWork invoice for that month.

People have long believed that WeWork is just for small to medium-sized businesses, and that eventually, most startups will move out into ttheir own office. But WeWork is making itself even more sticky with the launch of the Services Store, which incentivize members to stay with WeWork simply for the convenience and the discounts.

But WeWork sees itself as a reasonable workspace option for small and large businesses alike.

For example, WeWork recently struck a deal with Microsoft to offer space and WeWork membership perks to Microsoft’s huge team of salesmen in New York.

And with the Services Store, WeWork’s digital membership (which offers the same digital perks as regular membership, without the office space) is all the more enticing.

WeWork’s Services Store launches with 100 launch partner, and SVP of digital product Ron Gura told TechCrunch that the partner list is expected to continue growing over time.

Gura also explained that WeWork isn’t currently taking revenue on the Services Store, but he didn’t rule it out in the future.

WeWork has raised nearly $4 billion and is reported to boast a valuation of $20 billion.