Twitter ads starring Trump pop up in Tokyo train stations

He may have shared the world’s worst handshake with its prime minister, but President Trump is still big in Japan.

Starting in late March, a set of splashy ads depicting Trump appeared in train cars and metro stations around Tokyo. As a spokesman from Twitter Japan explained to TechCrunch, the Trump ads are one part of a new brand campaign that began on Monday, March 20 and is scheduled to run for two weeks. The campaign’s slogan is “#あなたの知らない今がある,” which translates to “There is now you do not know” — one comprised of millions of tweets flashing by in real time, presumably.

Trump might be the campaign’s most controversial topic, but it spanned a number of topics beyond politics. The other sample themes include a social issues ad about Japanese nursery schools, an entertainment-focused one depicting paparazzi, a sports ad featuring high school baseball and sumo, a food ad showing tamago-kake-gohan (egg on rice) and, naturally, one about cats.

Another Twitter spokesperson clarified that “This ad campaign is Japan-specific,” so don’t expect to see them creeping up in Trump-hostile train stations around New York or San Francisco. He added that the company ran another political ad campaign in the U.S. last October. That one included similarly stark photos of both presidential candidates, a raft of refugees and a pot plant, among other symbols of domestic and international conversation.

At the time, Twitter explained the ad push on its blog. “Because Twitter is open, it’s the place for people to see and discuss the issues from every perspective,” Twitter’s global creative director wrote. “This campaign highlights the top issues being discussed on Twitter – it reflects different sides and doesn’t take sides.”