Instagram begins blurring some sensitive content, opens two-factor to all

Instagram is already doing a lot to spot and censor posts that violate its community guidelines, like outright porn, but now it’s also taking steps to block out potentially sensitive material that might not technically run afoul of its rules. The social network is adding a blurred screen with a “Sensitive Content” warning on top of posts that fit this description, which basically means posts that have been reported as offensive by users, but don’t merit takedowns per the posted Instagram guidelines.

This is an app feature that will add a step for users who aren’t worried about being scandalized by images posted on the network, since you’ll have to tap an acknowledgement in order to view the photo or video. The blurred view will show up both in list and grid display modes, and Instagram says it’ll prevent “surprising or unwanted experiences” in the app. It’s likely that Instagram is trying to find a balance between reducing community complaints and keeping its guidelines relatively open.

The second big update is the broad release of two-factor introduction to all users. Previously, this was available only to a limited set of members, despite the near-universal recommendation from security experts that they use two-factor wherever available. You can enable this feature using the gear icon in your profile page and enabling the option to “Require Security Code” under “Two-Factor Authentication.”

Instagram’s new blurred content filters are another step in its continued efforts to clean up its act relative to community abuse and spam. Other steps the social network has taken include disabling comments on individual posts, and offering reporting tools and support within the app¬†for cases that involve potential self-harm.