Vimeo rolls out support for 360 degree video

Video sharing platform Vimeo is joining competitors Facebook and YouTube by also adding support for 360 degree video. The site, which targets video creators more specifically, is taking the extra step of helping coach people on how to make these sorts of immersive videos through a series of online tutorials. There’s also a new channel on the site, which allows viewers to explore a curated selection of 360 degree video content.

With its launch into 360 degree video, as with the other uploads on its site, Vimeo aims to differentiate itself from rivals by focusing on creators’ ability to make money from their content.

Creators with Pro or Business memberships can choose to sell their videos, rent them or offer them on subscription, instead of giving them away for free or trying to support them with ads, as on YouTube. Creators get to keep 90 percent of the revenue generated, after transaction costs, notes Vimeo.

Creators can also control settings like field of view, outro and more, as well as upload videos in up to 8K, says the company.

The service supports direct uploads from Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas, and the videos themselves are viewable through the Vimeo app on GearVR, Zeiss VR One, and Daydream headsets. Support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are coming soon.

In addition, videos can be viewed on desktop or mobile (through the Vimeo app), by clicking or dragging your finger across the screen. And mobile videos can even be saved in HD for offline viewing.

“Vimeo has always been committed to preserving and delivering the highest quality video and our move into 360 expands our premium video technology solution to 360 filmmakers,” said Sara Poorsattar, Vimeo’s director of video product, in a statement. “Their stories now benefit from our advanced video compression and player customization tools, along with streaming and offline viewing in up to 4K,” she added.

At launch, the new 360 degree video channel is featuring a range of content, including Vimeo “Staff Pick” alumni Greg Barth and Jason Drakeford, as well as films from brands and organizations like the American Museum of Natural History and charity: water.