Use Nintendo Switch controllers with the NES Classic with this adapter

Nintendo Switch controllers are flexible, if flawed — the latest hardware they work with is the NES Classic, via 8bitdo’s $17 Retro Receiver, and a new firmware update available now for that little dongle. The wireless accessory already lets you connect a range of Bluetooth controllers to your NES Classic, including 8bitdo’s own NES30 controller replica, and PlayStation 4, Wii U Pro and more.

The new firmware supports connecting both individual Joy-Con halves, as well as the Switch Pro controller. It’s also available for the version of the Retro Receiver that plugs into original NES and SNES consoles, letting you use your Switch input devices with your vintage gaming consoles, too.

This is great news for controller consolidation — these things tend to replicate like crazy if you happen to own multiple gaming systems — and especially awesome on the heels of the news that Joy-Cons and Pro controllers also work with Mac, PC and Android devices with little or no special software required.

Of course, Nintendo still has its fair share of controller issues on its hands with the Switch: Many users are experiencing connection problems, specifically with the left Joy-Con that shipped with their console. They advise keeping it out of range of basically any wireless gadget, which is not practically possible in many cases, and sources suggest it might only be truly solvable with a hardware fix.

Still, it’s useful to have the option to make these controllers extra portable NES Classic accessories in a pinch.