GitHub brings its enterprise service to the cloud

GitHub is expanding its offering for large companies today. The service, which allows developers to more effectively collaborate and share their source code, already offered an enterprise version of its tools that large companies could host in their own data centers, AWS or Azure. Now, it is launching a new hosted service of GitHub that, just like the enterprise version, will cost $21 per month and user.

The company still offers a free tier for public and open source projects, as well as paid plans (starting at $7) for small teams and individual developers. Just like the existing enterprise version, the new hosted business plan will come will support SAML-based single sign-on solutions like Ping Identity, Okta and Azure AD. it will also allow admins to provision user accounts and manage permissions, as well as automated provisioning and deprovisioning. The only feature from GitHub enterprise that won’t be in this version yet is support for Team Sync, but that’s on the roadmap for later this year.

GitHub is promising 99.95% uptime and it is backing this promise with an SLA. Subscribers will also get access to support on business days.

Overall, this feels like a logical next step for GitHub. Not every large company needs to host its code on premise, after all (though for some, it’s an absolute necessity). Until now, even the companies that didn’t need to self-host had to do so if they wanted the advanced features of GitHub Enterprise. Now, they can opt for the far easier to deploy GitHub-hosted version and spare themselves a lot of admin nightmares.