Hull aggregates customer data from all your marketing services

Chances are you’re generating a lot of data about your customers, but it’s a mess to get a good overview of their profiles. Hull wants to be the central hub for all of your customer data so that you can better target them. The startup just raised $2.6 million from Alven Capital and Point Nine Capital, with Newfund Capital, Kima Ventures, Solomon Hykes, Thibaud Elziere, Matthieu Vaxelaire and Fabien Penso also participating.

Modern marketing teams use various tools to get data about their customers. For instance, a startup could use Intercom to chat with their customers, MailChimp to send email newsletters, Salesforce to help the sales team and more.

This can quickly become a mess as you need to switch from one service to another to get information about a specific client. And if you want to segment your customer base into multiple groups, you’ll have to manually export data and waste time combining data from all these services. Solutions like Zapier can help you push data from one app to another but it’s more like IFTTT than a true syncing solution.

Hull wants to take it a step further and make all your favorite marketing services talk together. The company wants to consolidate data from multiple software-as-a-service products to build unified customer profiles and segments.

“The business was in need for a reliable, multi-way synchronization engine to help move any bit of data from service to service, enriching and transforming it on the way,” co-founder and CEO Stefan Koenig told me.

Many companies have been using Hull to add new information to a CRM solution. For instance, Hull can get lead data from a demo request form, usage data from analytics tools, company information from Clearbit and combine everything. Then, sales people can find leads into their favorite CRM and start reaching out.

But even if you want to create more personalized email newsletters, you can send emails to a tiny portion of your user base thanks to Hull’s data.

Eventually, you could imagine Hull as the central interface for all your services, the only back end you need to see information about your customers. And it looks like many companies were looking for something like this as the young company already attracted over a hundred customers paying around $400 per month on average.

This could also make the startup more resilient than your average marketing tool as Hull integrates with myriad marketing tools. If a new service called Magic Unicorn becomes the hot new thing for marketers, Hull can simply integrate Magic Unicorn and stay relevant.

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