Google Drive goes down

Google Drive is having some major issues today. Sometime around 8am PT this morning, the storage service that forms the basis of most of Google’s online productivity suite (though not Gmail) started slowing down and many users (at least in the U.S.) are seeing now only seeing Google’s version of the spinning beach ball instead of their files.

Because Drive is at the core of so many other Google services, the issues are also affecting tools like Google Keep and Google Classroom.

We’ve seen plenty of outage reports on Twitter and some (but not all) of us here at TC are also affected. Google itself acknowledged the outage at 8:41am PT and says that it will provide more information shortly.

Update: as of 10am PT, Google said that the Google Drive problems affect about 10.3 percent of active users and that it continues to investigate the issue. At 11am PT, the company said the error rates are declining.

Final Update: as of 1pm PT, Google Drive is back to normal.

If you are seeing similar issues — or not — let us know in the comments.