Adobe video envisions AI helper for editing photos and other media

Back in November, Adobe announced that it was, like pretty much every other major tech company, investing in AI research — in its case, something complementary to the usual assistants, more focused on the Adobe ecosystem. A recently published video gives an idea of what the Adobe assistant might look like.

The video isn’t of a working product, it should be said, because if it were, we’d all be laughing. The stilted voice and limited interactions aren’t exactly anything a power user would be excited by. Not to mention it’s limited to Adobe Mobile. But it’s worth noting here because it indicates the direction Adobe is taking with its so-called intelligent assistant.

Adobe CTO’s tech doublespeak at Adobe Max was nearly impossible to glean any real information from. What would this theoretical AI actually do?

Turns out, it can perform elementary photo manipulations. Well, that’s obviously just the start. Basic photo editing by voice would certainly be helpful to people who can’t edit otherwise, but power users will find a way to make it work for them as well.

Assuming the full suite of Adobe products will eventually be connected via this highly specific assistant, some tedious tasks may soon be automated. “Adobe, back up my photos to the external drive, then send the last import to my iPad. Oh and open Photoshop and create 4 new layers in a blank document with preset ‘commercial overlay.'”

The video description allows for the possibility of both local and cloud-based language processing, but the former seems more likely given the direction things are moving and the constrained control set the assistant would be working with.