Magic Leap may call its mixed reality device the Magic Leap One

In response to the news that Magic Leap’s VP of PR Andy Fouché is leaving the company for the same stealth startup its chief marketing exec left for last month, the secretive mixed reality company has released a smidgen of news related, assumedly, to its mixed reality device for consumers, the name.

Magic Leap One.

In a statement detailing that the company has hired National Geographic marketing head Brenda Freeman to tackle marketing efforts as CMO of Magic Leap, a company spokesperson also mentioned that it was “full steam ahead toward the launch of Magic Leap One.”

This reveal comes just a week after a report in The Information raised major questions about how quickly the company was progressing on its consumer mixed reality headset. Specifically, the report raised questions on whether the company was capable of miniaturizing the technology that they had sold investors on to the point of catching up with competing devices from teams like Microsoft.

We know literally nothing other than the name right now, but it seems that the company is at least getting the branding together for a big launch, now about that product…