Atomic AI helps marketers write better

Marketers love to produce “content” (and they also love calling journalism “content,” but that’s a separate issue). There is nothing easy about writing, though, especially when you’re trying to get somebody to buy your product. Atomic AI from Atomic Reach combines machine learning with real-time writing guidance to help marketers write better texts that are more likely to convert readers into engaged audiences and — in the long run — buyers.

What’s smart about the service is that it can give you recommendations based on your intended audience. If you are writing for a tech-savvy audience, you’d write differently about machine learning than when you know you are writing for a general interest audience, after all.

If there’s one thing I know about editing, it’s that writers often have a hard time keeping their audience in mind, so if Atomic AI works as well as the company claims, that’ll hopefully lead to better writing on the internet (and yes, feel free to insert a joke about some TC story that had an error in it).

The service is available through a web app, as well as a Chrome Extension, Google G Suite add-on and as a WordPress plug-in. It analyzes your text, calculates a readability score and gives you feedback. Atomic AI also looks at how different readers interact with any given text. Based on the data it collects, the tool can also help you schedule posts at the right times for the right audience.


So far, the service has looked at about 2 million articles and, while the company didn’t tell me how many customers it currently has, a spokesperson told me that its users include “the largest health network in North America” (Integra Global regularly uses this phrase, so in the absence of other evidence, I assume it’s them), as well as retail chains and digital publishing and media companies.

The company claims that marketers can reach a fourfold increase in Facebook conversions, a threefold increase in engagement and a twofold increase in page views, simply by writing better with the help of Atomic AI.

Atomic Research tells me that it has raised $9 million so far — all from angel investors. Its latest $7 million round was a follow-on equity financing from internal stakeholders.

Prices for the enterprise version of the service start at $875 per month. Sadly, you can’t just sign up for the service and give it a whirl. Instead, you’ll have to ask for a trial account and wait for the company’s sales people to reach out to you. I assume they’ll use Atomic AI, so their emails should be perfectly readable and tuned to your preferences in order to convert you into a paying subscriber as soon as possible.