GIFs in space! NASA makes an official channel on Giphy

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In addition to exploring the solar system and performing critical and fascinating research on the Earth itself, NASA produces a lot of cool imagery. And as we all know, GIFs are the best way to enjoy pretty much any kind of visual stimuli — so it is with joy that I can relate that NASA now has its own Giphy page, with hundreds of images from its archives and latest missions.

The collection ranges from the classic:

To the fascinating:

And the zany and fun:

Many have links to the science or news item they’re associated with, so you can learn while you mindlessly loop.

I counted about 500 total, and more are surely on the way. If you want to invoke one at random through a bot or search for the collection from other apps and locations, #nasagif is the tag you should use.

It also uploaded a bunch to Pinterest, whatever that is.