Trakz is a Fitbit with GPS tracking technology for your dog or cat

We love our pets and want to keep track of them, make sure they’re eating well and getting the exercise they need and U.K.-based Trakz wants to help us do that with technology products for keeping track of your dog and cat.

The startup has a GPS and fitness tracking device that can be inserted in your pooch’s or kitty’s collar and a feeding bowl tracker to keep track of how much they are eating each day.

There are a few other companies with similar fitness products such as Whistle, which also integrates GPS and a fitness tracker and Fitbark, which includes a sleep monitor.

Each Trakz device uploads data to an app to help you find your pet and make sure they are in a “safe zone” in your home or neighborhood. The app will notify you if your pet exits the perimeter of this zone and alerts friends or family if they go missing.

The app also keeps track of where your cat spends a lot of time so you have a good idea of where they might be hiding if you can’t find them.


The collar tells you how much walking your pet did for the day and where they are in real-time. The dish will immediately update you how much food your pet just chomped down on from its bowl and how many calories are in those bites so you can monitor if your pet is overeating.

Trakz GPS tracking collar devices are currently available for pre-order for 79.00 Brittish pounds or about $100 U.S.

We caught up with CEO of the startup Tom Butcher in our Startup Alley during TechCrunch Disrupt London this week. Click on the video above to see that interview and find out more.