Open As App turns boring business data into a mobile app instantly

Cloud computing has made collaboration across coworkers easier than ever, but that doesn’t mean that workers are as productive as possible when they’re on the go. Open As App aims to change all that.

Launching today in the Startup Battlefield at TC Disrupt London, Open As App offers a platform that lets businesses instantly create apps from their data.

Businesses can simply upload their Excel spreadsheets or Google Docs/Sheets, and the Open As App technology automatically creates an app across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10 and web, via an Open As App container app.

Open As App tries to understand the type of information within uploaded spreadsheets to immediately determine the various functions for that data and re-organize it into app format. That might include phone calling, navigation, filter criteria, detail dialogs and BI insights.

On Open As App, data is always saved and synced, and can be interacted with. For example, employees can search for a certain price and calculate a discount from right within an Open As App app.

The company charges via subscription model. The free tier allows companies to test out the service or use it amongst a small team (no more than five people). The Business Pro tier costs €79/month, offering access to up to 25 people, while the Business Enterprise tier costs €1,499/month, offering access to up to 1,000 employees. Users can also bundle packages — for example, if you need Open As App for 100 employees, you can bundle together four Business Pro packages.

Open As App has raised €950,000 thus far, with most of it coming from the German business angel consortium Impact51.