Spotify launches new series of original recordings called Spotify Singles

Music streaming startup Spotify is introducing a new series of original artist recordings called Spotify Singles. The company plans to record a couple of songs from each artist in its in-house New York studio and update the main Spotify Singles playlists every Wednesday.

As the name suggests, the Spotify Singles concept channels back the good old days of vinyl and CD singles. You shouldn’t expect more than a couple of tracks from each artist and band. The first song will be a new recording of an original track, and the second song is supposed to be a cover song.

If you’re a heavy Spotify user, you know that Spotify already released original recordings called Spotify Sessions. These sessions were basically live recordings of a small concert in Spotify’s office or at SXSW. The main difference between Spotify Singles and Spotify Sessions is that there’s no audience clapping in Spotify Singles.

Spotify Sessions will be phased out in favor of a new name called “Spotify Live.” I couldn’t find any example of a Live recording just yet, but I expect more or less the same thing as Spotify Sessions.

As usual, this content is also available on individual artist pages, which makes it much easier to surface it. While fans love acoustic and live versions of popular hit songs, cover songs could also have a big reach. Spotify wants you to be able to find your favorite artist covering another great artist exclusively on its platform.

This way, it makes Spotify more compelling for subscribers. Now that Apple Music and Spotify are fighting hard to become the dominant music streaming platform, Spotify is ramping up exclusive content and features that are going to make you stick to the service.

Here’s the first playlist with the inaugural Singles: