Readdle’s email client Spark is now available on macOS

Spark is a neat email client with a few tricks up its sleeve. While it has been available on iOS for a while, Readdle is launching the app in the Mac App Store today so that you can use the same email client on all your Apple devices.

Readdle is a popular iOS app developer. Chances are you’ve already used a few Readdle apps over the years, such as Scanner Pro, Documents or Calendars 5. But Spark is another project altogether. It’s much more ambitious than most productivity apps in the App Store and yet it’s a free app. Moreover, there have been so many email clients over the years that it seems crazy to create yet another email client today.

But the company thought your email client was still missing a few features. Spark’s three key feature are the smart inbox, the search feature and all the available personalizations. You’ll find all these features on the Mac.

In Spark, you can choose to view your emails in a traditional, chronological list. But you can also opt for an automatic categorization of your incoming emails. Spark groups emails in separate widgets based on the categories that matter to you. For instance, you can put new emails at the top, then pinned emails, then newsletters, etc.

In many ways, this feature is reminiscent of Gmail’s categories. But Spark works with all email providers and can group your emails across different accounts in a unified inbox.

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When it comes to the search feature, you can use natural language to search for specific things. For instance, you could search for “PDF attachments sent by Elon Musk” and find that secret document about Mars colonization. You can save search queries and create smart folders.

Thanks to a lot of settings combined with all these smart features, you can create an email experience that works for you. The information you value the most will appear first, and you can create many shortcuts to access information that you need from time to time.

There are many other features that you can expect from a modern email client. You can snooze emails so that they disappear from your inbox and re-appear later. You can swipe on an email to archive or snooze it. And then, there are a few nice additions. For instance, you can create a bunch of signatures and pick the best one depending on what you send.

All of the features I’ve mentioned are available in both the iOS and macOS apps. And this is key as many people were probably waiting for a Mac app before switching to Spark. Having all of these features isn’t useful if you can only use them on your phone.

Now, you can install Spark on all your device and get the same experience everywhere. Your settings get synced across all your devices. Finally, Spark on macOS supports the MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar. I’ve used a beta version for a few days, and everything works fine. I’ve found that choosing an email client is a personal decision. It needs to work for your kind of mindset. Spark might not work for you. But the best way to find your favorite email client is to try them all.