Amazon announces new Dash-powered devices that can auto-reorder your coffee, air filters, and more

Amazon is expanding the lineup of devices that will automatically reorder their supplies for you through the retailer’s Dash Replenishment service. The program, which brings instant reordering to connected devices – like washing machines that order your detergent, or printers that order your ink – now includes a new handful of Dash-enabled products from companies like Nestle, Honeywell, WePlenish, and GeniCan.

Plus, other new products like the Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher and PUR Ultimate Faucet Filtration System, are also now coming online with Dash, says Amazon.

Among the newly announced Dash devices, connected thermostat maker Honeywell’s involvement may be the most interesting. The company says that its devices will now be able to calculate when a new air filter is needed, then automatically reorder one from Amazon. Homeowners often forget to replace air filters, so having one sent out to you on a scheduled basis like this makes sense and is a good example of how this service can be more practical. After all, simply having an Amazon box show up at your door is a good reminder to go and swap out your old filter.

The other companies joining Dash are GeniCan, a device place in your garbage can that lets you reorder household items via barcode scanning and voice recognition; Nestle, whose BabyNes nutrition system will reorder formula capsules; and WePlenish, whose WePlenish Java will reorder coffee when supplies are low.

Meanwhile, PUR’s new Ultimate Bluetooth-enabled faucet filtration system is available today, and will reorder your replacement filters automatically, as needed.

More notably, Whirlpool’s Smart Dishwasher will be available starting next month, and will use Dash Replenishment to automatically reorder dishwasher detergent when supplies are low.

Whirlpool isn’t the only connected dishwasher hitting the market – GE has also Dash-enabled its dishwashers and washing machines. 

Other manufacturers participating in Dash include Brita, Behmor, Brother, Cleverpet, Petcube, Samsung, Beko, Bosch, Siemens, Grundig, Kyocera, and more. (Some brands are live in Europe, as Dash recently expanded to the region.)

Amazon hasn’t yet offered any insight into how well Dash-powered products are selling, but the program is still new. Device makers can enable their products to use Dash by integrating with open APIs that connect with the internet to place the orders. Already, dozens of manufacturers have joined in since the service went live at the beginning of the year.