Netgear adds an LTE option to its Arlo security camera line

Last month Netgear announced some upgrades to its popular security camera line, turning the Arlo into the Arlo Pro with waterproofing, wireless portability, swappable batteries and two way audio, so you can hear what’s going on at your place and yell at the baddie while it’s happening.

Of course, all of those new features don’t mean a damn thing if you can’t keep the camera connected. For those places WiFi can’t reach, the networking company is employing the help of AT&T for the 3G/LTE-enable Arlo Go – not unlike the Verizon LTE-mount Canary is offering up for its still forthcoming Flex.

The system sports the same features as the Pro, including swappable batteries and seven days’ worth of free cloud storage of the footage it captures when triggered by the built-in PIR motion detector. The camera can shoot 720p night vision footage, and users can switch over into a live view using the company’s app.

The cellular connectivity frees the system up to move outside the confines of the home and office, to places like warehouses, streets and trails. In fact, the company is initially looking to target business with its “online specialty rollout” through select stores before year’s end.

The camera’s not cheap – it’ll run $450 plus the still unannounced price of a mobile plan. The Go will be hitting retailers for wide release early next year.