Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 refund program rolls out to Australia and parts of Asia

It would be one thing if the Galaxy Note 7 was just a middling phone. But it was a legitimately great one. And one that, by all accounts, sold pretty well. The handset made its way into a lot of hands in the less than two months that it was actually on sale.

But a long, drawn out process involving two recalls is enough to sour anyone’s feelings toward a device. And now the time has come to send it packing – preferably in something well insulated, with a pair of fireplace tongs.

Shortly officially putting the kibosh on the once mighty phablet, Samsung has begun to extend its refund plan to several more territories. Now disappointed users in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan will be able to get refunds for their second faulty Galaxy Note – or trade them in for another, less explosion-prone Samsung device.

Which devices and exactly how the refund program works varies from country to country, so best to check out all of the necessary fine print first. That includes Thailand where the poor, doomed phones never even had a chance to ship, so Samsung will be refunding deposits and offering up a discount for its less problematic phones.

via CNET