Here’s the super intense fireproof box Samsung is sending out for Galaxy Note 7 returns


It’s official: Samsung has given up on the Galaxy Note 7. The phones — and the thought-to-be-safe replacements — are exploding. Now Samsung has to get all those phones back before more of ’em pop.

The question, then: how does Samsung get them back? They probably shouldn’t ask people to just take something that has a known tendency to randomly shoot smoke everywhere and stick it in any ol’ envelope, right?

Right — thus this fireproof, thermally insulated box-within-a-box-within-a-box, complete with safety gloves to wear while handling the phone.

The gents over at xdadevelopers did a full “unboxing” video:

You put the phone in a static shield, then put that inside a box, then you put that box inside of a box, then you wrap the whole thing in a thermally-protective casing that, at the very least, should minimize the damage caused by any batteries that pop in transit. Even with all that in mind, the exterior box explicitly states that it’s not allowed on planes, and that it should only be transported on the ground.

So why the gloves? According to Tom’s Hardware, the flame resistant layer is coated in a ceramic fiber that some people might irritate some people’s skin.

Not included in the box: