Kodak teases a new phone for an October 20 reveal

Kodak accidentally teased an upcoming phone today in a now-deleted tweet. Fortunately, the image accompanying the tweet is also easily found at Kodakphones.com.

It shows what is presumably the power button on this new Kodak phone, embedded in a nice machined bezel and with a Kodak K stamped on it. But you knew that, since the picture is right up there.

You probably also know that Kodak will share the details come October 20th. But maybe you missed that part of the headline or didn’t look all the way to the right in the picture. You don’t have to remember this date, we’ll do it for you.

This isn’t the first Kodak phone — the IM5 came out last year but didn’t exactly make a splash. It looks like they’re going upmarket with this one, which is definitely the way to go when you’ve got a prestige brand like Kodak, however watered down it is at this point.