Gotcha! Norwegian prime minister caught playing Pokémon GO during parliamentary debate

Pokémon GO fever may be receding in the U.S., but in Norway it’s still raging. The country’s prime minister, Erna Solberg, was caught red-handed playing the game in parliament.

PM Solberg had her phone out not during a break or boring filibuster, but during an active debate while another minister was speaking. Looks like she just caught something, too. That looks like maybe 200 XP she’s gotten, and I don’t see no Pokéstops.

In fact, the Guardian points out, the very minister who was at the podium, Trine Skei Grande, was caught in August playing the game during a national security meeting! Is the process of governance really that boring? Or did she receive a tip from their intelligence service that a Blastoise had spawned nearby?

Now, I know it’s a different culture over there, but on this side of the Pacific we take our politics very seriously indeed, all of politics is a game with no winners but the corporate overlords selling scraps of the Constitution for the political equivalent of Pokécoins. Now that I think of it, Norway’s style of approaching the process in a human, relatable way is probably better.

Turns out Grande wasn’t mussed, though:

Translation: “She heard what I said 😉 we ladies can do two things at once, you know.”

Not everyone can, though: in related news, the town of Kerkrade put up some hilarious signs aimed at preventing zombielike Pokémon players from wandering into the road and being struck by cars. Be safe out there, trainers.