Watch Google unveil its new Pixel phones, Google Home and more

It’s time for Google’s now-annual hardware event. Today, we expect to hear more about Google’s new phones (which will now fall under the Pixel brand), as well as its Google Home Alexa competitor, an updated Chromecast dongle. Maybe we will also see even more hardware in the form of a new Nexus tablet or updated Pixel Chromebooks and tablets.

Rumor has it that Google might also talk about Andromeda, a next-gen operating system that could bring the ChromeOS and Android ecosystems closer together.

Google heavily advertised today’s event and promises that it’ll be just as memorable as its first Android reveal eight years ago. We’ll see about that, but unlike eight years ago, today’s proceedings will be live streamed on YouTube.

The event is scheduled to start at 9am PT, noon ET, 6pm CET.

We will be live-blogging and -commenting on the event, but you can also watch the live stream in this post right here.