New Google Tilt Brush demo shows what it’s like to paint with friends in VR

One of the more fun usages of virtual reality to have already emerged is Google’s Tilt Brush. The VR painting simulator is often one of the first things I demo to first-time VR users and it really allows people to lose themselves in a VR world and make it whatever they want it to be.

Art is more fun with friends, and it appears Google is discovering that as well. Today, the company is showing off a new prototype of the app that allows you to “share ideas, draw and create with others” as you design and build VR creations. Update: Tilt Brush multiplayer isn’t available yet but Google is “exploring ways to develop this concept further.”

Tilt Brush is currently only available for the HTC Vive because of controller restraints on Oculus at the moment, it’s just a prototype at the moment but the team is hoping to develop it into a full-fledged feature soon.

In addition to the multiplayer feature, Google’s VR team is continuing to use Tilt Brush as an experiment in building a creative platform. Tilt Brush is experimenting with some other cool features including custom avatars, so users can personalize their VR look; Portal Brush, so they can peer out into the real world using the HTC Vive’s front camera; and a few other techniques to bring animation into the VR world.

Tilt Brush is constantly checking out new updates, but this is a particularly huge one given the massive potential for increasing the scale of creations and the level of collaboration.