Twitter will now help you register to vote, answer voter questions via direct message

Twitter today is the latest tech company to join the push to get more Americans registered to vote. The company is rolling out a new feature that will allow you to direct message the company’s @Gov Twitter account in order to receive voter registration assistance over private messaging. What’s clever about Twitter’s implementation is that it’s personalized to you, based on your zip code.

Voter registration deadlines vary from state to state, which is why Twitter says you’ll need to send through your five-digit zip code in order to receive accurate information for where you live.

After DM’ing the @Gov account, Twitter will respond to your message with your state’s deadline and a link to get registered.

The company says it’s working with Rock the Vote to power this new feature.

In addition, Twitter has also partnered with other organizations, including Pew’s Voting Information Project and Google’s Information Civic API, to help answer other questions voters may have leading up to the presidential elections. For example, you’ll be able to direct message the @Gov account for help with things like polling place location and ballot information, says Twitter in an announcement about the new features.

Plus, Twitter has rolled out a new #iRegistered emoji you can tweet out to brag about your plans to vote in the upcoming election. When others click this, they’ll also be directed to a link that allows them to register to vote.

Twitter is far from the only company making an effort to boost the number of registered voters. Google, for example, is providing much of the same information as Twitter to those who search for voting-related keywords in English or Spanish.

YouTube, Square, Facebook and others have also launched their own campaigns.