Scale Model, the betaworks-backed tool for audience targeting, goes self serve

Scale Model, the betaworks-backed marketing platform for better audience targeting, has today announced the launch of its fully-baked V2.

Scale Model hooks into the Twitter Ads API to help brands and influencers better understand their audience, and the way that their own follower community, or sub-communities, interact with one another.

Upon the initial launch, Scale Model was building out community models for brands manually, which could take up to 48 hours, depending on the complexity. Today, however, the company is launching a fully self-serve product, where individuals and brands alike can not only track and understand their audience, but run flexible campaigns around that data.

For example, the San Francisco Giants’ audience is comprised of many sub-communities. While almost all of them share a broader interest in baseball (which is reflected in their tweets, bios, RTs, favorites, etc.), they also break apart into smaller sub-communities, such as Giants fans, coaches, amateur players, SF natives, etc.

With the help of Scale Model, the Giants social team can instantly look at its audience segments and better understand how they overlap. They could see, for instance, that “hot dogs” is a keyword across the majority of their sub-communities, and use that as part of a marketing campaign for one of their games.

By making the platform self-serve, with clearly indicated pricing tiers, Scale Model is now able to consider other platforms to conquer. Twitter is but a slice of the pie when it comes to social media marketing, and Scale Model has the technology to empower brands and influencers across a number of platforms.

For now, Scale Model is only available for Twitter, but I wouldn’t expect that to remain true for much longer.

If you’d like to check out Scale Model for yourself, hit up the website right here.