Pre-orders for the Fove 0 eye-tracking VR headset go live November 2

The first consumer VR headset to integrate eye-tracking is about ready for primetime.

Fove, a Startup Battlefield alum from Disrupt SF 2014, will begin taking pre-orders for the eye-tracking headset, now officially called the Fove 0, at 8am PST on November 2. There is still no word on an official launch date or a final price.

There were a number of production issues that pushed back the rollout of the Kickstarter-backed headset until fall from a projected early March ship date.

In addition to the few details regarding launch, the team at Fove also shared final tech specs for the device.

The tethered headset will sport a 70hz 2560 x 1440 OLED display with a field-of-view somewhere in between 90 and 100 degrees. The eye-tracking capabilities on the headset will refresh at 120fps and enable features like foveated rendering, a technology which mimics the human eye to reduce the necessary display resolution at the fringe of a user’s sight. At these display resolutions there’s some question as to whether it actually lightens computing loads a significant amount.

There have been a number of headset reference designs shown off since Fove’s introduction which have teased eye-tracking capability, including most notably the Qualcomm VR820.