Mike Judge hints about the next season of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

We were pleased to have “Silicon Valley” executive producer Mike Judge join us on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco on Monday. The HBO show has managed to both portray and parody the tech companies and familiar faces that we know and love.

For those of you who watch the show, you know that Judge is no stranger to Disrupt. Startup Battlefield was featured throughout the first season, following the fictional startup Pied Piper and their efforts to win the competition.

But while the comedy focuses on the San Francisco region, they’ve managed to garner an audience far and wide. The grandiose ideas and outlandish characters in the tech world are “fun to make fun of,” said Judge.

He gave some hints about what we might see on the next season. They might showcase what is “one of the stupidest apps ever invented” and it’s likely that they will incorporate tech protesters.

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“We may even come back to TechCrunch Disrupt,” said Judge. (We love those TC shoutouts!)

When asked if the next season would mock any of the many controversies surrounding Peter Thiel, Judge says he is not opposed to highlighting his saga with Gawker.

While they’ve worked with industry insiders like former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to inform the accuracy of the show, Judge briefly worked at a Bay Area technology company, decades ago. But Judge said that what makes the show fun for everyone is that he’s “always approached it from an outsider’s point of view.”