Twitter targets individual creators for its Amplify ad program

After opening up its Amplify program last fall to a wide range of publishers, Twitter says it’s expanding the video ad program again, this time to individual creators.

After creators are approved for the program, the company says that when they’re about to tweet a video, they can just check a box to include a pre-roll ad, with the revenue split between Twitter and the creator. The company has not yet responded to my question about the revenue split, but it’s being reported as 70 precent for the creator and 30 percent for Twitter.

That means creators can decide whether to include ads on a video-by-video basis, or they can just turn it on for all of their videos. (Twitter also says it’s not asking for exclusivity.)

“Today, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our creator revenue programs, which will provide creators of all sizes with the ability to monetize content in multiple ways and generate revenue at scale,” said Twitter’s Guy Snir in a company blog post.

The post also highlights Twitter’s work with Niche, the startup that it acquired last year to connect brands with social media influencers for marketing campaigns.

In addition, Twitter is announcing a new Media Studio for publishing videos and visual content. It will include a unified media library of all your videos, GIFs and images, as well as tools for scheduling tweets and managing teams.

The announcement comes as Twitter has also been making a big push with bigger video publishers and partners like CBS News, Bloomberg and Major League Baseball.