More new Pokémon revealed for Sun and Moon, and one is a pile of sand


The Pokémon Company, what is going on right now. How is it possible that one of the new pocketable monsters you created for Pokémon Sun/Moon is actually a pile of sand?? Look:


What are you doing to me? Do you think this is okay? Here’s what the sand blob evolves into when hit with a water attack:



Meanwhile, there are other new catchable characters coming to the game, all revealed at the Pokémon World Championships going on right now. The ones that just blew our minds above are Sandygast and Palossand, both ghost/ground type, and there’s also Crabrawler, a punchdrunk boxing crustacean, and Stufful, an adorable red panda type thing that almost makes up for these sand things.

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These new Pokémon join a host of other new creatures unique to the Alola region, the setting for the new Sun/Moon installments in the franchise coming to 3DS systems on November 18. The Pokémon trading card game is also getting new “GX” series cards, which add special attacks to the games that can be used once per game, and these GX-specific Pokémon cards are being introduced alongside the Sun/Moon series the the Pokémon TCG universe.

I still love Pokémon and even sand piles can never change that.