Picture This Clothing turns your kid’s crayon art into a sweet dress

dressesIt’s a magical world we live in, people. Where once our brilliant crayon drawings were condemned to live forever two-dimensionally on a piece of dog-eared construction paper, now they can be given the life they deserve — either as an endearingly grotesque plush doll or, with this new service, an awesome dress.

Picture This Clothing is from MartianCraft’s Jaimee Newberry, who announced the service on Twitter earlier today.

Sure, you could get stuff printed on the front of a CafePress shirt or something, but be honest: that’s weak sauce. Look at the dress! Full bleed, knees to shoulders. The same design appears on the back, too.

dress_paperAll you do is pick a size, download and print the template, then color away. When you’re done — and by you, I mean your child, of course — you take a picture of the finished design and upload it — voila! You should receive your finished dress in a couple weeks. I love this cat on a scooter one. I’d rock that in a hot heartbeat.

You can also add some doll-sized dresses to your cart that will fit a Barbie, Ken, or compatible format. Picture This isn’t associated with Mattel or anything, though — I asked, because I was suspicious.

Newberry also mentioned that we can expect more designs if the dress takes off.

“In essence, this is a proof of concept,” she wrote. “We focused on something really targeted (girls dresses, sizes 2-12), but absolutely have growth plans if this baseline concept proves to have a place in the market. The response from our launch this morning has been incredibly positive!”

If your kid isn’t so into dresses, remember there are other options: Budsies and Imaginables both turn drawings into toys, and other services produce wrapping paper, flags, and so on.