Google rolls out Search Trends hub for the Olympics

With the Olympics well underway, Google is rolling out a new Trends hub to give folks a bit more insight into what people are searching during the global athletics event.

The Trends hub will let users view the trends happening around each sport, as well as general search trends like “Where is the Olympic Torch?”

Google has already done a great job of organizing information around the Olympics, with a complete, organized schedule showing up first in results for searches on the Olympics.

But Google’s Olympics Trends hub may help media entities better understand what people are curious about during this year’s event.

The 2016 Olympiad is a totally different beast than those that came before, with 85 hours of VR-compatible content, a web live-stream courtesy of NBC, dedicated Twitter Moments to cover all the action, and a personalized section of the Facebook News Feed just for the Olympics.

If you want to check out the Google Trends hub for the Olympics, just click here.