Fossil’s new Android Wear smartwatches are up for pre-order

Like many of its old school watch brethren, Fossil wasn’t exactly in a hurry to embrace the world of connected wearables – after all, when you make watches, you think you’ve got all the time in the world.

Late last year, the company went all in, with a slew of new devices (not mention a Misfits purchase along the way), including an Android Wear smartwatch, a sort of combo watch/fitness tracker (a la Martian) and a pair of shiny wristbands. This March, it followed up with two new takes on its Android Wear offering, the Q Wander and Q Marshal, both of which offered smaller footprints than their predecessor, the Q Founder.

In fact, the specs of the two watches are pretty similar across the board, including built-in mics/speakers, a magnetic charger, notification vibrations and an always-on display. The key distinctions, really are stylistic, with the Wander offering up a softer frame to the Marshal’s more rugged case.

Both watches go up for pre-order on the 12th and start shipping the 29th starting at $295.