Fossil Unveils Android Wear Smartwatch And Other Smart Stuff

Fossil, resisting its own fossilization, has just announced a line of smart accessories called the Fossil Q, powered by Android.

There are four watches in the line, varying in level of technological advancement and, of course, price.

Let’s start from the top and work our way down.

The Q Founder is the show-stealer, running full Android Wear with a circular touchscreen watch-face. It’s got a nice look to it and was built in conjunction with Google and Intel and has a retail price of $275. It comes with all the technology you’d expect from Android Wear, including notifications from your phone and customizable watch faces. Fossil says it will be available in time for the holiday shopping season.

The Q Grant is next in line, and it looks much like an ordinary analog watch (because, for the most part, it’s an ordinary analog watch). However, the Q Grant connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can be customized to show you alerts – email, news, texts or phone calls – that you want via LED lights and vibration. Plus, the Grant (like the rest of the Q line) tracks your fitness. It will be available on October 25 within the price range of $175 to $195.

The Q Reveler and Q Dreamer are not smartwatches but rather fitness bands. Both offer fitness tracking and LED notifications from your phone, but the Dreamer offers options for a leather and silicone band so you can switch from work-out mode to date-night mode. (Pro tip: don’t wear your fitness tracker on a date.) Both retail for $125 and will be available on October 25.