Apple recommends products based on your purchase history in its Apple Store app

Apple has big plans to overhaul its App Store in the months ahead to better tailor the experience to its end users. But ahead of that, the company has introduced a more personalized version of its Apple Store app – yes, the one you use to buy things. According to the company, the app will now recommend new products based on its understanding of the devices you already own.

For example, it may suggest accessories that are compatible with your iPhone – like a matching case; or it might recommend an iPhone you could upgrade to from the one you already own. The suggestions are based on information Apple has associated with your Apple ID, including the name, model and part number of your linked devices.

If you don’t want the recommendations, you can visit the My Devices section in the Account Settings screen and disable it, the company notes.


However, recommendations aren’t all that’s new in terms of making the app feel more customized to its users. The app will also help you see if your favorite products are in stock, alert you if your order is ready for pickup or when your reservation starts, among other things.

The new version additionally offers an updated Account tab where you can configure your primary payment and shipping information, view your receipts, track your favorite products, plus check in on your orders and reservations.

Bloomberg last month reported that these changes were in the works, noting the similarities between the revamped app that ties into a customer’s buying history to recommend other purchases, and the way operates with regard to its product suggestions.

It’s also worth noting, the report said, that this is one of the first times Apple has truly tapped into customer data, like purchases, in order to boost its own bottom line. While Apple’s Music and News apps also recommend items, they do so based on information customers have explicitly shared.

However, Apple’s bigger move in terms of personalizing its business platforms is still on the horizon. A forthcoming version of its App Store will take into account apps users have already downloaded in order to only suggest apps that are new to you. This will make the App Store browsing experience something that will be entirely different for each user, and could potentially drive more app downloads, the company believes.

The new Apple Store app, which is now also iPad-friendly, is available for download on the iTunes App Store.