Lobster, the marketplace for user-generated content, integrates with Dropbox

Lobster, the platform that lets brands and publishers license user-generated content from social sites like Instagram and YouTube, has today announced integration with Dropbox. Plus, the platform has built tools that will make it easier for brands and publishers to find the perfect picture.

Lobster, in short, does all the heavy lifting when it comes to licensing user-generated content.

Lobster lets brands search through a vast library of content, both video and stills, and then helps those brands/publishers reach out to the creator of the content to license it. Users can proactively list their content on the Lobster platform, or Lobster can reach out to creators of unlisted content to negotiate a licensing deal.

With the introduction of Dropbox uploads, Lobster is providing for its semi-professional and professional photographers, making it a bit easier for them to upload a whole portfolio onto the site instead of selecting single photos.

But Lobster is also looking out for its business customers.

The company has developed AI that will automatically tag photos based on subjects, colors, backgrounds and items within the shot. Tagging for every piece of a photo can be arduous and often takes a great amount of time. Leaving the tagging up to the users was not a surefire way to ensure that all photos are tagged thoroughly and properly.

With the new AI, brands and publishers will now be able to reliably search for characteristics like color palette, subjects and much more.

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Plus, Lobster will now let users upload a photo of their own that will be scanned and initiate a search for other photos on the platform that are similar to the original.

Beyond the extra auto-tagging and searching tools, Lobster has also added 360-degree video filtering for advertisers getting into the world of VR.

London-based Lobster launched back in 2014 in Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Europe, and has raised more than $700,000, according to CrunchBase.

You can check out Lobster here.