Bluetooth units claim more than half of headphone dollar sales in June

It still feels a bit premature to ditch the jack entirely, but according to numbers released by NPD, Bluetooth headphone sales got a big old bump for the month of June, marking the first time the wireless devices overtook their connected counterparts in the US in terms of dollar sales.

What that means is consumers in the US are spending more money on Bluetooth headsets, a charge led by Beats, LG and Bose, who recently made a big splash with the release of the first wireless QuietComfort headset. The top five is rounded out by Jaybird and Skullcandy.

Bluetooth headphone sales saw a year-over-year growth of 42-percent growth in dollar sales, versus an overall growth of seven-percent for the headphone category in general during the same time period.

That said, wired devices still make up the lion’s share of headphones sold on a per unit basis. Last month, Bluetooth headsets only made up 17-percent of units moved, which means, among other things, that there’s still a fair amount of price discrepancy between them and their wired counterparts.

Though NPD notes that the average price of the Bluetooth units has continued to decrease, with around 30-percent of the number sold running less than $50 a pair.