Minecraft support for Oculus Rift is finally almost here

After months of teasing, Microsoft is finally almost ready to give Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta users a taste of VR.

In a blog post celebrating the first anniversary of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta, Microsoft announced that support for the Oculus Rift will be coming “in the next few weeks” as a free update to existing users. People who want to get in on the action have until tomorrow to download the Beta if they want to enjoy the free upgrade.

Microsoft has been pushing Minecraft gameplay in virtual reality pretty hard lately. A few months back, the company launched Minecraft Pocket Edition support for the Gear VR. While the experience itself was just okay, Oculus has really been pushing it as one of the few AAA full experiences available in the Oculus Home store at the moment. Rift support has been just around the corner for quite a while, and it seems that Microsoft is finally ready to unveil what it’s been working on.

The VR version for the Rift will feature all of the major methods of gameplay available on desktop, including multiplayer, Creative and Survival modes. Again, no word on an exact release date.

The Minecraft VR site is interestingly showing off the Oculus Touch motion controller and advertising “a new perspective” for the game, but there’s no detail on how exactly the game will be implementing Touch controls.