T-Mobile is giving its customers unlimited data to play Pokemon Go an unlimited amount

Pretty much every PR agency under the sun has had a meeting this week trying to determine how they can get a slice of the Pokemon GO popularity, and, to be fair, so has every newsroom. But now it’s time for T-Mobile to bask in the sunshine with its contribution to the media lightning storm.

T-Mobile announced today that as a part of its “T-Mobile Tuesdays” promotion it’s going to be giving its customers unlimited data to play Pokemon Go until August 2017. The offer should should show up in the dedicated T-Mobile Tuesday app tomorrow, the company says, but you’ll need to claim the deal on a Tuesday by August 19.

“[U]nless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve either been playing Pokémon Go or hearing about playing Pokémon Go,” a company representative wrote in an email. “It’s an absolute global sensation, and it’s burning through customers’ data. And, where there’s a customer pain point to fix, the Un-carrier steps in!” (!!!)

The data usage of Pokemon Go isn’t all that crazy or anything to be honest, but the amount that people are playing it kind of is, so this is probably a good thing to snap up on if you’re a customer of America’s third or fourth best carrier.

Friendly reminder that while you’re enjoying that differential free data from T-Mobile, just remember that net neutrality is something T-Mobile DGAF about.