Elon Musk teases second part of ‘Top Secret Tesla Masterplan’

Elon Musk took to his Twitter account Sunday morning, teasing a second installment of his “top secret” blueprint.

What could the billionaire be referring to? Well, upon making the tweet, one of his 4.39 million Twitter followers responded by saying, “I already put in my 2 cents on Tesla 2.0,” sharing a LinkedIn article about a Tesla/SolarCity merger. Musk responded with, “Something like that.”

A few hours earlier, he weighed in on another user’s post about bringing Tesla and SolarCity together. Remember, it has only been three weeks since Musk’s Tesla made a $2.8 billion offer to acquire his SolarCity solar panel installation company.

Back in August 2006, Musk rolled out with part 1 of his Top Secret Tesla Masterplan, vowing to build a sports car, “use that money to build an affordable car,” “use that money to build an even more affordable car,” and “while doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options.”

Nearly ten years later and Tesla has accomplished Step 1 and is still preparing to roll out its sub-$30,000 (after tax credit) Model 3 sedan by late next year. The automaker is also working diligently to open the doors of a sprawling battery factory in Reno, Nevada, using the batteries to help power its electric vehicles and also making them available to homeowners as a power source.