Amazon rolls out “Page Flip” for an easier way to flip between pages on Kindle

Need to find that one other passage or picture in a book but find it hard to do with an e-reader? Kindle readers wanting to flip back and forth and make a quick reference to materials now have an easier way to do so with a new feature called Page Flip.

457b5faa-e0d7-4b64-9a3a-df55b04dc196Kindle refers to Page Flip as a “reimagined navigation experience.” What that means is you can now “flip” pages back and forth in your Kindle.

Starting today, all those using the Kindle e-reader, Fire tablet app or the Kindle mobile app for iPhone or Android will get an update to their app enabling them to flip pages.

It works by saving where you are in the book by selecting the page, then pinning it to the side of the screen. The reader is then able to thumb to another page for reference. You just click on the pinned page on the side of the screen to get back to the original place in the book.

Kindle VP Chuck Moore says the inspiration for the update came from observing how people read print editions of books.

A few highlights of the update include:

  • Zoom out – zooming out to get a bird’s-eye view and quickly find the picture, map or passage you are looking for
  • Pixel-accurate thumbnails – the thumbnails are able to adjust with different font and margin settings.
  • Easy navigation between pages – pin the page you are currently reading and flip back or forth to find other pages. Then jump back to the original page by tapping the pinned page on the side of your screen.

It’s a small improvement but one Kindle says customers have been wanting for a while and is part of several updates on the Kindle software and hardware to help create the feeling of reading a printed copy.