FuckJerry launches ‘What Do You Meme?’ card game on Kickstarter

FuckJerry, the social media sensation that has taken Instagram by storm, has today launched his first physical product in the form of a card game.

Not unlike Cards Against Humanity, ‘What Do You Meme?’ is a game meant for a bigger group of people who want to laugh their way into a stupor.

Here’s how it works:

There are two different types of cards — meme cards and caption cards. Both the memes and the captions are taken from FuckJerry’s Instagram feed.

One player draws a meme card and lays it down for everyone to see. Then, everyone else playing the game must choose a caption card from their own hand to pair with the meme. The player who originally laid down the meme card chooses their favorite caption from all of the options. Whoever laid down the chosen caption gets a point.

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FuckJerry is launching this product on Kickstarter to gauge demand, and will then expand to other retailers like Urban Outfitters.

The core game costs $25.

You can check out the campaign right here.