Lenovo shows off a pair of Intel-powered smart shoes

Believe it or not, today’s Tech World isn’t the first time Lenovo has shown off a pair of smart sneakers. Just about this time last year, the company revealed a pair of kicks with the unique ability to determine and display their wearer’s mood. How the concept wearable actually worked and why anyone might possibly want to do such a thing weren’t entirely clear, but hey, look, a happy face.

It’s not likely to get as much notice as the new Project Tango handset Lenovo showed off at today’s press event, but the company’s latest take on connected sneakers does appear to be a fair bit more subdued than the product it showed off last year.

We’re still awaiting specifics, but the smart shoes seem to have the sort of fitness data collection one would expect from such a wearable, tracking users’ distance and calories, etc. There‘s also some gaming functionality built into the product — motion tracking, perhaps? — along with LEDs embedded in the soles.

Lenovo Smart shoes

Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang presented a pair to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, “so [he] can walk in the cloud.” [Pause for laughter.]