More evidence points toward Android VR unveil at Google I/O

According to multiple rumors and a newly spotted placeholder on the Google Play Developer Console, it seems that Google will be unveiling an Android VR headset at Google I/O next week.

Android Police first spotted the placeholder, which is currently just that — you can’t click into the link like you would be able to with the Android Wear, Android TV, or Android Auto.


Last week, Peter Rojas (former Engadget Editor and current EIR at Betaworks) confirmed the rumors via Twitter, noting that Android VR wouldn’t be as powerful as the Vive from HTC or the Oculus Rift.

And back in February, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google had plans to unveil a VR headset that doesn’t require a smartphone nor a computer to function.

While that piece is still up for debate — some say that Google I/O might involve the introduction of two VR headsets — it seems that we can safely say Google will unveil some form of a VR headset in the coming weeks, likely at I/O.

That said, it will probably be quite a while before we can actually purchase these devices, as the headset will likely run on the forthcoming Android N operating system.

This should shake up the current VR landscape, which is dominated by Oculus with the Rift, as well as Oculus/Samsung with the Gear VR.

[via Engadget]