Scoutible says its video games will find you a job

What if finding a job were as easy as playing a game? Scoutible thinks its smartphone games have what it takes to assess the aptitude and traits required for certain professions.

The company launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York on Monday. With work experience at the White House, Goldman Sachs and a JD/MBA from Harvard under her belt, Scoutible CEO Angela Antony thinks she has what it takes to change the way businesses do hiring.

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Armed with $1.5 million in seed funding from Mark Cuban, the startup has begun building “science-based mobile games to identify talent and match perfect fit candidates to jobs,” says Antony. She started Scoutible because she sees “a wide range of companies that recognize that they don’t have the information prior to hiring that they know is important.”

Based in San Francisco, Scoutible works with psychologists to develop algorithms that identify strengths. These programs test for qualities like risk tolerance, emotional intelligence, response to feedback and mental processing speed. She encourages companies to try the games on their top employees to see which personalities perform best.

The games have a variety of themes, including surviving on an island and jumping across floating lava rocks. Antony thinks people might play Scoutible games for fun, even when they are not looking for a job. “We hope this will open up opportunities for people, even if they aren’t necessarily looking for them.”

Antony has already been in talks with large companies about her concept and says the response is encouraging.